V150W Swim Spa

V150W Swim Spa

The V150W Swim and Workout Vessel has all the attributes of the V150P, with a focus on providing ample space to cycle, jog, row, swim, workout or just play around. It’s the personal aquatic multi-use gym you’ve always wanted, perfect for any age and fitness level.

V150W features four Whitewater-4™ jets in the swim end and 21 Jetpods in the therapy end—including two footwell Jetpods for soothing foot and leg massage. Four massage seats deliver enormous therapy benefits, with plenty of room for the whole family to enjoy.

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Additional information

Number of People


Number of Jets



150in x 90in x 50in


240V, 60 hz, 50 amp

Water Capacity

1200 gal

weight dry/full

1,700 lb


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